Green Tourism

Home Farm & Lodge

At Home Farm & Lodge we want to do what we can to reduce the impact the hospitality industry has on the environment.

We're absolutely delighted to have achieved our GREEN TOURISM Silver Award.

We are committed to making a difference environmentally whilst still ensuring our guests continue to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Here are some of our achievements so far;

Shopping locally: Many of our breakfast items are sourced from local suppliers........ like our bread from local bakers, our fruit from Bawtry Finest,  organic milk from Doorstep Dairy and our yoghurts from McCallums Farm Shop - all from within a 10 mile radius.

Wildlife: We've planted more than 15 trees and over 30 metres of native hedging all purchased from our local tree specialist at Green Mile Trees. We've installed nest boxes, bird feeders, water features, bug hotels and even a hedgehog house and we are chemical free in the gardens

Energy: We've moved all our electricity supply to 100% renewable and all our light bulbs are being replaced with LED

Toiletries: We've moved away from throwaway minis and use refillable body wash, shampoo and hand soap. Our toilet roll haas no plastic packaging.

Community: We like to support our local groups, clubs and charities including Austerfield in Bloom, Bawtry Cricket Club and Doncaster Hockey Club as well as the very beautiful Austerfield Mosiac Trust which we are so lucky to have right on our doorstep. We host tea parties for the elderly with Re-engage and also make a donation to the National Charity - The Barn Owl Trust - in recognition of our resident Barn Owl!